We understand the need to continuously reduce our impact on the environment. We regularly engage with our suppliers and waste management partners to ensure we are using the most sustainable and natural resources without affecting the quality of delivery. Our aim is to implement sustainable decision-making at operational and project management level to ensure our footprint is as green as possible.

Re-use &

We have partnered with a local further education provider in order to further reduce our wood and sheet material waste.
Selected surplus wood and sheet material from our production house and installations is passed on to local colleges, to be re-purposed and re-built into new projects and to assist in the education of students on the effectiveness or re-using  materials to create a more sustainable environment.


After being sorted into re-useable material or stored for use on other projects, any other surplus wood and sheet material and offcuts that are either too small or damaged to be re-used is disposed of using our in-house waste burner which uses the heat generated to heat our factory and office areas.

Responsibly Sourced

We only use FSC approved wood for our build projects and use suppliers who responsibly source their materials and dispose of them sustainably.

‘Core’ Values

We print onto thousands of meters of vinyl and fabric every year, which results in a lot of waste backing paper and cardboard cores. With the help of our suppliers, we are able to send them our surplus cores and backing paper to be responsibly disposed off and turned into clean, renewable energy. And to go the extra mile, our waste materials are collected by the same vehicle that delivers our new rolls of material, further reducing our environmental impact.

Lovingly Local

We work closely with our suppliers to ensure we use as much locally produced material as possible. Our printed materials come from selected British and European manufacturers and our MDF is sourced only from Wales and Scotland. By using local businesses we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint whilst giving a much needed boost to smaller corporations and businesses.